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About Us


Burban Air Systems Ltd. was established in 1980, when owner Gord Burlie wanted to create an HVAC service organization that would provide exceptional response and repair times. Gord would also focus on creating strong work ethics, personalized customer care and communications.

Since then, Burban Air Systems Ltd. has grown and evolved and is more focused than ever on continuing the legacy left by it's founder. Burban Air Systems is more than a company, it is a family. We care deeply about our team and our customers. In fact, some of our customers and technicians have been with us for more than 20 years!

Today Burban Air Systems Ltd is managed and operated by Jaime Bliss and Samantha Comer, the daughters of it's founder Gordon Burlie.

Jaime started with the company over 20 years ago and has held many, increasingly more important roles over the years. Jaime's knowledge of the HVAC industry runs deep and her leadership, knowledge and experience is second to none.

Samantha has been with Burban Air Systems Ltd. for over 10 years and is in charge of everything to do with the company’s finances. Samantha is incredibly knowledgeable and takes our customers and Burban Air Systems Ltd. finances very seriously. 

The future looks good as Burban continues to work with incredible customers and our fully qualified and licensed technicians.


We would be proud to be part of your team and for you to be a part of our family.

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