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Jaime Bliss

Owner - Office Manager

Office: 416-757-3271


Jaime Bliss is the Office Manager and owner of Burban Air Systems Ltd, a leading HVAC Design, Build, Repair and Service company in the Greater Toronto Area that is known in the industry for their innovative solutions and high service standards. Jaime has been with Burban for over 23 years and has spent this time growing through many different roles. From a technical hands-on role to now a high-level strategic and leadership role, the many experiences, lessons, and personal growth has helped her to play a role in the ethos and the operational success of the company.


Experience and Expertise

Jaime’s years of experience working for Burban Air Systems Ltd. and extensive contacts in the HVAC industry allow her to understand technical, operational and market aspects. She has detailed knowledge of how HVAC systems work, how to install these systems, how to keep them running, and what regulations apply to HVAC products in the industry. She is also familiar with developments in technology. In addition, she has experience in strategic planning, process optimization and financial management. She knows how the HVAC business operates.


Leadership Style

Jaime is well-known as a very participative manager, who promotes team work and open communication. She resolves conflicts and mentors her team members and new team members with an extraordinary ability to recognize talent, always creating a team culture of professional growth and innovation. Jaime consistently delivers excellent customer service by fully understanding client needs and negotiating positive outcomes, frequently resulting in a highly satisfied and loyal client base. She improves team productivity while also consistently achieving high client satisfaction.


Vision for Burban Air Systems Ltd.

Really, under her leadership, what is Burban Air Systems Ltd. all about? This is her response: "I pay great attention to the development of operational efficiencies and expansion of market presence both domestically and abroad. Strategic focus is not only on sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies, but also on the new demands that these impose and that our clientele expects to be met in the near future. Hence we aspire to continue being recognized as a dependable, innovative HVAC solutions-oriented business, in every endeavour and every client interaction."

Having many years of experience, a well-known name within the HVAC industry, and a reputation for excellent service, Jaime Bliss is a visionary leader of Burban Air Systems Ltd who continues to lead the business into a profitable path.

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