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Photo of a middle aged man wearing a Burban Air Systems Ltd. sweatshirt with a bald head and black goatee

Sal Piacente

Project Manager

Office: 416-757-3271


Sal Piacente is a well-known project manager at Burban Air Systems Ltd which is a well-known company in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. Sal Piacente has more than 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Sal Piacente started his career in a HVAC technician role and then transitioned to a role of a master journeyman. In 2007, he has advanced to one of the most influential and sought-after positions in the HVAC industry, project manager.

Expertise and Certification

Sal is a certified journeyman, which means that he has gone through years of training and certifications that are considered the gold standard in the HVAC industry. His certifications are not just about proving his technical abilities but are also a reflection of his commitment to lifelong learning in his profession. Sal has been on the leading edge not only in staying up to date about new technologies and methodologies in the HVAC industry, but in implementing them in the projects of Burban Air Systems Ltd.


A Project Manager Par Excellence

As a project manager, Sal has to manage the HVAC projects he works on. This entails the whole project management cycle: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure. He has excellent organizational skills which enable him to plan and organize his work on projects well. He is also technically capable and has good people skills which help him carry out projects on time, within budget and maintained to a high standard of quality.

His strong ability to anticipate project challenges and waterfall effects, as well as his proactive and well-informed approach to issue management, are commendable. He combines his leadership competences with equally strong technical skills. He demonstrates a strong ability to create an atmosphere of lifelong learning and innovation within his team – teams are motivated and feel encouraged to achieve excellence. Project deliverables surpass client expectations each time.


Leadership and Team Building

Sal is a leader whose qualities motivate and inspire. He is someone who leads by example. He is committed to doing his work and is an example for everyone to follow. He is someone who works with his team and who supports his staff in every way possible. He has made a positive difference, helping his team to achieve three projects to completion on time and with excellent results. His management style is one of encouragement and open communication, ensuring positive exchange between team members. He has established a positive environment which is conducive for a productive workplace. He encourages and involves others in the success of their projects and he serves as a role model for his team.


Commitment to Excellence

It is very evident that Sal takes pride in the projects he completes; he has a keen eye for the details and more than enough experience to foresee the pitfalls that could otherwise plague a project timeline or budget. Sal is an expert HVAC technician, but has the skills and appreciation for the craft to also manage projects, making him a valuable and rare commodity for Burban Air Systems Ltd., and the HVAC trade as a whole.

Today, Sal Piacente is a high-level project manager at a thriving HVAC company. Sal still inspires us at Burban, leads successful projects and sets HVAC benchmarks.

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