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Navigating Bids and Tenders in Commercial HVAC: Insights from Burban Air Systems Ltd.

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The bid and tender process of a commercial HVAC project is a very important stage of the project. Getting it right or wrong can have huge implications for the future of your business. Here at Burban Air Systems Ltd., we have been servicing the Greater Toronto Area for over 40 years. Here is how we make bids and tenders work best for you.

Understanding the Process

The commercial HVAC bidding process usually starts with either Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Tender (RFT), issued by the owner, program manager, prime contractor, design consultant or engineer. This document specifies the project scope, function, technical requirements, deliverables, timing and cost restrictions. If the RFP is a well-written document, it should define the project scope and outline all the bidding requirements. Reviewing the RFP with precision prior to putting together a bid will allow for the preparation of a competitive yet realistic offer.

Key Strategies for Successful Bidding

  • Detailed assessment: Our response always starts with a detailed assessment of the RFP. We look beyond the more obvious needs represented in the Request for Proposal to identify the underlying needs of the client and the facility in order to tailor our proposal to the client’s needs and expectations well beyond what is stated in the RFP.

  • Costing Accuracy: Costs must be accurate. Using sophisticated software and our significant built-up experience from past jobs, we estimate costs so we can avoid quoting too low which can end up being a loss, or too high which could easily lose us the bid.

  • Team-based approach: All proposals submitted by Burban Air Systems Ltd are the work of the whole team (engineers, project managers and financial analysts) working together to make sure that every aspect of the proposals is robust and competitive.

  • Inventive Solutions: We use our 40 years of experience to develop inventive solutions that can be the clincher, eg, the integration of energy-efficient systems that will reduce operational costs for the client but will also be a key component to lend credence to the Bid.

  • Clear Communication: Making our proposals sound crystal-clear gives our clients a sense of security about our professional capability. Our proposals are not only technically correct but clearly written and presented.

Follow-Up and Negotiation

The process does not end with sending a proposal, however. We follow up, and detail our activities to show that we are interested and aware of any developments or supplemental information that may arise. In the event of negotiations, we are prepared to revise our proposals in conjunction with the client to ensure that the projects are feasible and profitable to implement.

The Importance of Ethics

From the bid and tender process through to the delivery of projects, we always keep in mind the ethical considerations involved. That’s why our deals are always done with the utmost openness and honesty, but it’s also why we’ve won as many bids as we have. It’s these values that our customers deeply respond to.


Each bid and tender at Burban Air Systems Ltd is an exercise in demonstrating what we have done in the past to show that we will continue to offer the same high level of service and quality in the future. As a company, knowing how to bid competitively and ethically has resulted in many of our successful projects for some of the world’s leading multinationals. Whether you are a client looking for an HVAC partner or a multinational seeking to improve your bid estimations, understanding and using these principles above will significantly increase your chances of success.



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